Supporto Compact Disc
Artista Björk
Etichetta Elektra / Wea
Anno 2001
Genere Alternative
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Titolo Length
01 Hidden Place 5:29
02 Cocoon 4:28
03 It's Not Up To You 5:08
04 Undo 5:38
05 Pagan Poetry 5:14
06 Frosti 1:41
07 Aurora 4:39
08 An Echo, A Stain 4:04
09 Sun In My Mouth 2:40
10 Heirloom 5:12
11 Harm Of Will 4:36
12 Unison 6:47
Totale: 55:36
Parole chiave rock

Ever since Björk's vital, effusive 1993 debut, her music has been increasingly intimate, gently private, and concerned with seclusion. It's typical then that Vespertine's first single is called "Hidden Place." The studious solitude is rewarding, though. Vespertine is a lush, gorgeous swell of midpace electronica, symphonic strings, and Björk's uniquely alien, spectral vocals. There are fantastical wonders here. "Cocoon" (another eulogy to withdrawal from the world) is delicate as a breath, Björk sounding too fragile to be flesh as she lauds "a beauty this immense." "Pagan Poetry" and "Aurora," likewise, are adrift in an enchanted reverie. When she chooses, she crafts killer tunes; "It's Not up to You" is as lovely as anything on Post. Yet, frequently, on such tracks as the yearning, glancing "Undo," Björk seems to be simply thinking aloud, reveling in this wildly rich and visceral music. She's reclaimed cutting-edge electronica, so often the province of geeks and technicians, for the poets and the passionate. Vespertine is a landmark, a revelation, and a truly fabulous achievement. --Ian Gittins